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Consciousness, designer culture, literature, meme marketing, music, politics, psychological depth, sports, the greater game o' life, the possibilities of language as transforming agent for the social whole.

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Expressing the marrow of the bones of construction and contention, in image/music/text/virtuality.

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Finals 2010: Game 5 Preview posted on 06/12/2010
  Game 4 was Zombieland, ugliest playoff game in recent memory, saved for the green Kryptonite team by a drooling fat Swamp Thing, and a jabbering troll from under the bridge of deadly boring game memories. Lakers lost the map to the paint and forgot to play the 4th quarter. Marketing mavens are still trying to figure out how much money a round-ball jock has to make before he remembers it’s a 4, not a 3-quarter game.
Drained Bynum knee gives the weary L.A. team paint presence, and Kobe and Pau give enough for a pivotal Game 5 win, w/random contributions from the other guys. I’m hoping all wearing purple and gold basically mop the floor w/the vile anti-matter Boston green things.
Zombie Hunters 3, Zombies 2, then back to L.A. for the get-this-sucky-s

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Congratulations, Los Angeles Lakers, 2009 NBA Champions! posted on 06/14/2009

A long road of grit, talent, ups and downs has come to a magnificent end with the Lakers 15th championship.

Well tested by the Houston Rockets in the Western semis, and the Denver Nuggets in the conference finals, they entered the big show the favorite, and showed they worked out their inconsistencies by defeating a tenacious Orlando Magic team 4 games to 1.

The signature of this team's character emerged in Games 5 and 6 of the Western Conference finals, when they emerged from the shadows of an uncertain 2-2 tie against the talented Nuggets with dominating wins.

The championship signature was not only the team backbone play of Finals MVP Kobe Bryant, but the big-time clutch shots of Derek Fisher, the 3-pt. dagger to take Orlando to OT, and another 3-pt. shot in OT, off a great feed from Bryant to help seal the deal, and open up a 3-1 series lead in Game 4.

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NBA Final 4 Rock Equally Hard -- Lakers Step Out First posted on 05/23/2009

You never hear the term "Final 4" applied to the NBA conference finalists. That marketing marker is applied to collegiate March Madness.

But this exhilarating post-season, the L.A. Nuggets are in a dead heat with the Denver Lakers, as of midway of Game 3, Western Conference final.

And the Cleveland Magic are in a dead heat with the Orlando Cavaliers, on the strength of King James's miracle 3-pointer with 1 sec. left.

The switch of brand names with the respective cities well illustrates the nonpareil level of neck-in-neck competition.

But soft, a front-runner slowly emergeth.

Denver Nuggets 52, Los Angeles Lakers 48 at halftime.

Lakers are lookin' like a team in transition again, as in finding themselves, not game phase only. Hinges a lot on getting Bynum un-sulky and effective again, particularly being a stalwart defensive presence with blocks and rebounds.

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Round 2, Game 6, Lakers Fail to Seal the Deal; Orlando Wins posted on 05/14/2009

95-80, Houston. These effin' (s)La(c)kers are getting on my nerves. 40 pt. winning landslide followed by Kobe and the Anemia Drips. As the coach noted, Jekyll-Hyde. Question: Who's the winner, Killer Hyde, or Mild Doc Jekyll? One of those bad means good, good means bad conundrums.

A quick glance at the box score and you see those other fellers besides Kobester (32 pts.) apparently thought their previous efforts counted in this game. Only Farmar's 13 pts. in 21 mins. off bench sparked. No wonder Kobe was sober and cautionary after Game 5, noting they weren't playing "chumps," like he knew it was gonna swing the other damn way again. They closed gap some in 3rd, fell back again in the 4th.

Now, the Celtics last year had at least two 7-game battles on their hands, and it didn't hurt them. This year, Garnett-less, they're heading into second 7th game,

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Christmas Gift: Lakers 92, Celtics 83 posted on 12/26/2008

Lakers fans got the present they wanted for Christmas, a strong play-off intensity caliber performance from the home team vs. born-again nemesis, the defending champs Boston Celtics riding an all-time NBA best 27-2 record into L.A.

Hard-fought throughout, the Lakers exhibited the required mental and physical toughness down the stretch, a close-out defense that was rewarded with a 92-83 victory. The clamp-down was highlighted by stand-out blocks and scoring from Pau Gasol. 7 of his 20 pts. came in the final three minutes.

As usual, Kobe Bryant led all scorers with 27 pts., w/9 rebounds and 5 assists.

Lamar Odom surprised with back-to-back 3-pt. shots in the final quarter.

Andrew Bynum contributed key blocked shots in the game and 9 pts., making his presence felt, especially on D, making it clear he was a key missing factor in last year's Finals meltdown.

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