18 December 2011

I’m sorry you had to sit through that Bear fans, but you can rest assured the 2011 season is over for the Monsters of the Midway. Their loss to the Seattle Seahawks may only drop them to a 7-7 record, but their unmistakably terrible quarterback play has clearly taken them out of the playoff picture. The offseason isn’t here yet though, so the Gameday Recaps continue!

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22 November 2010

We saw drama in Tennessee, a slaughter in Minnesota and a near-comeback in New England. Oh NFL week eleven, how I heart you. It's Final Drive time mutha-trucka!

(2-8) Buffalo Bills 49

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7 November 2010

It's week nine in the NFL season. Teams are beginning to fall from contender to pretender while other squads are starting to fight for postseason slotting. Let's kick off the Opening Drive!

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17 January 2010

It was an ugliest of games for the team in the prettiest of cities. After winning 11 straight games to finish the regular season, the San Diego Chargers came out with a resounding thud at home against the Jets on Sunday. Penalties, missed field goals and turnovers formed a perfect storm of suck for the Chargers and kept the Jets in the game until the final quarter where they took and held onto the lead to advance to the AFC championship game with a 17-14 victory.

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1 April 2009

(Note: originally posted on February 25.)

Each year, prior to the start of the MLB season, I use a unique mathematical system (one that I will not get into, because it's boring) to project the performance of every player and team. This season, in lieu of their significant offseason additions, I expected the Yankees to come out on top. Surprisingly, my expectations were wrong...

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8 October 2008

With the Pentant races going on and the almighty NFL still keeping everyone including me at the edge of their seats, not only on Sunday but even throughout the week. Even NCAA football fans are direct

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Last night, we lost another star to the pre-season. Antawn Jamison went down with a knee injury after playing only 4 mins. Which begs the question why do we need a pre-season anyway. Now the Washin

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26 September 2008

It seems as if losing is not the only problem the rams have right now.  The benching of Marc Bulger has caused quite a stir amongst the team.  Steven Jackson was quoted as saying that it was

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18 June 2008

One word describes the performance I witnessed last night for Game 6 of the Lakers and Celtics....UNREAL. I couldn't believe my eyes as the second quarter unraveled into a murderous slaughter dealt by the hands of the Boston Celtics. There are many things I could say to defend the Laker massacre last night, but none of them would justify the loss the were handed. Yes, the referees turned a blind eye to some fouls. Yes, the Celtics played a little more physically than the league allows. Yes, the environment was loud and distracting. But where was the Laker passion I had seen so many games before? Where was the spark that fueled the fire of their triumphant victories? Where was the aggression and pure dominance I had seen attached to their performance in the first series? Where were the Lakers? I know they weren't on the Celtic home court last night. Maybe they didn't make the trip to Boston, because I know those weren't the Lakers I saw last night.

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17 June 2008

I'm tired of all these sports analysts who are still unable to give the Lakers credit for being as far along as they are now. They are still saying the Lakers didn't belong in the finals, that it was an improbable run they made to the playoffs. I can't believe there are that many Laker haters in the professional industry. What is it about them that makes people not recognize them as a championship caliber team? What do they have to do to prove to people they got where they are from their sheer talent and abilities?

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29 May 2008

Did Derek Fisher foul Brent Barry? Did the San Antonio Spurs get robbed of a victory? Is the NBA leaning heavily towards a Boston Celtics-L.A. Lakers NBA Finals matchup?

The answers: Yes. No. Yes.

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17 May 2008


The Lakers-Jazz series went six games but I never felt the Jazz really threatened the Lakers in the Western Conference semifinals.

The Jazz are a nice team but they lack a true superstar. They don't have a player who Shaquille O'Neal calls "assassins." Utah has borderline all-stars in Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer, but it doesn't have a player who can single-handedly destroy an opponent's gameplan. A player who can put a team on his shoulders on offense and carry them to victory. A player like Kobe Bryant.

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15 April 2008

I was hoping to get this up yesterday with the Yankees-Red Sox series fresh in everyone’s mind but I didn’t have the time.  After a few weeks of the baseball season and watching almost every Red Sox and Yankee game I have a few observations on these two teams so far.  You may not agree with them all, this is just what I have noticed this season.

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26 March 2008

Before I get to the 16 things we all need to know before the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 this weekend I would like to congratulate myself on some of my correct predictions.  I said the games would be much closer than last year and I must say, these games last week were unbelievable.  The scheduling by CBS sucked though because it seemed every good game happened at the same time as another good game and then there would be slots where all four games were blowouts.  This is something CBS needs to look at next year, I don’t want a time slot with two #1’s playing 16’s, a 2 playing a 15 and a 3 playing a 14.  I also said that last weekend would be the best sports weekend of the year and outside of my Giants winning the Super Bowl it definitely was (the Super Bowl has to be put on another level though and doesn’t count).  I also said many people would be throwing their brackets away on Monday morning and assuming many of you had Duke going further then round 2 and didn’t have Davidson or Western Kentucky in your Sweet 16 I feel confident that I was correct.  My final four is also still alive.  I feel very good about my predictions and even better about this tournament being an absolute classic.  All we need is a few great Sweet 16 games and a couple good ones over the weekend, followed by a powerhouse Final Four and we have a tournament to remember, as I predicted.

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8 February 2008

Ohmigosh! They did it! All that skepticism and doubt – poof! The New York Giants have won Super Bowl XLII!  Congratulations G-Men! Here’s the 5 keys to the game that I think did it for you:

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