7 October 2008

Somewhere in the middle of their lackluster performance in a Monday night game against the Baltimore Ravens, the Pittsburgh Steelers unlocked the key to their season.

The Steelers unveilved their no-huddle offense in a desperate attempt to jumpstart their plodding offense against the big, bad Ravens defense. It not only gave the Steelers some life against Baltimore but it probably saved their season. Coach Mike Tomlin and his staff implemented the no-huddle approach early against the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday night and the result was a 400-yard output and a 26-21 victory for the Steelers.


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1 July 2008

The Dodgers are banged up in the rotation right now. We've got Chan Ho Round II in the rotation, Kershaw the Kid in there, and another kid named Eric Stults in there, not to be confused with the drug dealer from Pulp Fiction grubbing on cereal in a bathrobe pissed off that Vincent Vega is calling his house telling him he's bringing over his OD'ing date, nor to be confused with the guy who portrayed teen biker Rocky Dennis - the other one who spells his last name with a "u" and who after pitching a shutout last week said the last time he pitched a shutout was sometime in Little League, he thinks. So the question continues to pop up, why not Kuo?

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5 February 2008

When Pau Gasol was gift-wrapped by the Memphis Grizzlies to the L.A. Lakers, one Western Conference GM said, "Are you f***ing kidding me?" As for my reaction? I say, "CHAMPIONSHIP!"

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