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Marija kero
Monday 3rd November 2008, 6:13pm
I was expecting hate mail on that one so thank you for being on the same page as me!

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New Lakers Team? Odom to Remain a Starter? posted on 02/10/2009
Does wins in Boston and Cleveland mean that the Lakers are a complete different team than last year? I wish it did, but I am not ready to make that step quite yet. I think they are slightly different and a little more tougher, but not a completely different team. Lamar Odom stepped up in both games, if he can continue that then it will be a giant step for the Lakers. He needs to continue playing like this even when/if Andrew Bynum comes back. My opinion they should keep Odom in the starting lineup and move him to the small forward. Yes the Lakers will lose some outside shooting but their overall height will be more than any team could compete with if they put Odom, Pau Gasol, and Bynum on the front line. It is an idea that I do not think Coach Phil Jackson wants to put out there, but one I

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Lakers Send Vlad to Charlotte posted on 02/08/2009

The Los Angeles Lakers have sent Vladimir Radmonovic to the Charlotte Bobcats in exchange for Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown. I am not a huge fan of the trade. I like Vlad's game and with Bynum out we need all the height we can get, Vlad is 6'10 and can play the 3 or the 4 position. The obvious benefit is that this summer the Lakers will have more cap room to resign Trevor Ariza and possibly Lamar Odom as well if he takes a bit of a discount. I don't see much playing time for Morrison or Brown with the team, whereas I believe Vlad could have still helped. I thought at first this may be a pre-cursor to another deal but it looks like Morrison and Brown will stay.

 Another big part of this deal is now Sasha Vujacic will probably get more minutes where the Lakers go with the lineup that has Kobe playing the small forward position. It was a very succesful lineup at the end of last season. Plus with Bynum out that presents more opportunities for that lineup as well.

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Lakers-Celtics posted on 02/05/2009
The Lakers travel to Boston tonight to take on the Celtics in Boston for the first time since... well... all Lakers fans know where I am going. It was a game Laker nation had marked on the schedule as soon as it came out. This time we thought we would have Andrew Bynum with us, but that's not the case. I am not going to say the Lakers have no chance tonight, even without Bynum the Lakers can win this game. This is a good mental toughness test for a key group of Lakers. Starting with Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom, this is their chance to step up in a big game. I know it is just regular season, but this is still a huge game for the Lakers morale. A couple of other Lakers can step up to the plate tonight. Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic have been inconsistent so far this season. If both play well

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Bynum Goes Down with Knee Injury posted on 01/31/2009
Andrew Bynum has left tonight's game against the Grizzlies with a right knee injury after Kobe Bryant fell on his knee. X-Rays are negative but an MRI is scheduled for tomorrow in New York. This would cause a serious blow to the Lakers championship hopes if Bynum is out a while. He was just starting to hit his stride this season. In my opinion no Bynum means no championship. Let's hope he is ok!

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If Bynum Keeps this up... Lookout! posted on 01/31/2009
Five straight double-doubles from the Lakers big man, and no I'm not talking about Pau Gasol. Lakers center Andrew Bynum looks to be over coming any mental blocks left over from last year's injury. Over his last five games Bynum is averaging 26 points and nearly 14 rebounds, including a career high 42 point game against this Clippers. If Bynum keeps this up it will be a great help for the Lakers in their mission of winning the NBA championship. This type of play takes even more pressure off of Lamar Odom and gives the Lakers another presence inside. Let's hope he can keep this play up, it will be a joy to watch.

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